Ilahinoor Energy Session

The Ilahinoor Basic Treatment and Holographic Merkaba activation sequence

In the ayurvedic tradition, three kinds of energy flows can be utilized in hands-on-healing-vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. The diagonal flows, which stimulate the flow of Kundalini moving up the spine, are the most powerful. In order to deepen the integration of this cosmic energy, I start with the Basic Treatment up until the Heart activation, work with the 13 major points in a diagonal sequence, and end with the Holographic Merkaba activation.

45-Minute Ilahinoor Energy session-$50.00

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Healing Touch Association
Jackie is a member of HTPA, an organization which supports Healing Touch practitioners through monthly business teleconferences, webinars on professional practice and business development. HTPA offers liability insurance for their practitioners.

Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing
Jackie is a Certified UFH Practitioner under the guidance of Dr. John Ryan, M.D.

Healing Warriors

Healing Warriors Program


Jackie is on a team of practitioners serving the Healing Warriors organization. Their mission is to advance individual wellbeing for Veterans and their families through complementary care services and education. Her father was a wounded WWII Veteran and a recipient of a Purple Heart and it is with great honor that she offers her gift of healing touch to the Healing Warriors Program.