Unity Field Healing

UNITY FIELD HEALING is an unique energy based healing modality that works through your DNA quantum field of energy.  This field of energy bridges your body and your whole field of energy bodies to your higher spiritual self and the work takes place through “Energy Attunements” or Sessions.  The work is supported by Sirian Light Beings identified as the Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC).

Unity Field HealingThree Unique Sessions:

Session 1 is  entitled “Self Attunement“.  Session 1 works to bridge and strengthen the alignment with your own quantum DNA axis and spiritual DNA blueprint.

Session 2 is entitled “Unity Field Healing – Template Attunement”.  Session 2 provides a personal attunement to the UFH Template.  This provides the foundation needed to begin working more personally in Session 3.

Session 3 is titled “Unity Field Healing – Targeted Intentional Support”.  Session 3 provides an energy session that is aligned with a specific “personal intention”.  It is purposed to use the gift of Unity Field Healing to address specific issues that exist or arise in one’s life that need “healing” attention.    These ‘intentions’  may include physical, emotional, psychological or relationship issues in terms of healing.  It can also include themes of expansion as one journeys along the road of deeper personal healing and transformation.  It is the way the energy system is used to address highly specific and personal issues that are unique to each person and may be re-used any number of times to deep support around the intention or to introduce a new intention as the foundation of the session! 

Unity Field Healing Sessions are $75.00

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Healing Touch Association
Jackie is a member of HTPA, an organization which supports Healing Touch practitioners through monthly business teleconferences, webinars on professional practice and business development. HTPA offers liability insurance for their practitioners.

Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing
Jackie is a Certified UFH Practitioner under the guidance of Dr. John Ryan, M.D.

Healing Warriors

Healing Warriors Program


Jackie is on a team of practitioners serving the Healing Warriors organization. Their mission is to advance individual wellbeing for Veterans and their families through complementary care services and education. Her father was a wounded WWII Veteran and a recipient of a Purple Heart and it is with great honor that she offers her gift of healing touch to the Healing Warriors Program.