Healing Touch

Healing Touch works with the human energy system: the Chakras, and biofield or Aura. They are the life force of the physical body and affect our health and wellness. Stress, injury, and illness, etc. cause disruption and blockages within these energy centers. The practitioner, with intention, uses light touch or their hands just above the body to clear, open, and balance the Chakras and Aura. The goal is to restore harmony and balance to the human energy system which revitalizes the whole person; Body, Mind, & Spirit. Healing Touch facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

Jackie Cooper doing Healing Touch on a clientThis is safe, noninvasive energy therapy that is received while the client is lying on a treatment table and fully-clothed. This can also be done while sitting in a chair or lying in a hospital bed.

There are many different techniques to address a wide variety of health and emotional issues.

Did You Know that Healing Touch…

  • is used in hospitals, hospice, long term care facilities, and integrative health centers around the country.

  • is endorsed by the American(AHNA) and Canadian Holistic Nurses Association(CHNA).

  • is an accredited provider of Continuing Nursing Education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center(ANCC).

  • is recognized by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Assoc. (NANDA) as an independent nursing intervention: “disturbed energy field”, is the official diagnosis.

  • is taught in all 50 states and 34 countries around the world.

  • Has become the 1st nationally accredited Energy Medicine Program by the national Commission for certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

  • is research based. For more information go to www.healingtouchresearch.com and www.healingtouchinternational.com.

  • facilitates the “Relaxation Response” which enhances the healing process.

60- Minute Healing Touch Session- $75.00
                                               Veteran - $40.00

90- Minute Healing Touch/ Connected Breath Session-$100.00

Jackie Cooper Working With Animals90- Minute Healing Touch Session for Animals- $90.00

3 Session Surgery Package:  Healing Touch $145.00
1 60 minute Prior, 1 60 Minute Session in Hospital and 1 60 Post Surgery


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Office Location

InnerGized Healing
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 3938 JFK Parkway
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Healing Touch Association
Jackie is a member of HTPA, an organization which supports Healing Touch practitioners through monthly business teleconferences, webinars on professional practice and business development. HTPA offers liability insurance for their practitioners.

Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing
Jackie is a Certified UFH Practitioner under the guidance of Dr. John Ryan, M.D.

Healing Warriors

Healing Warriors Program


Jackie is on a team of practitioners serving the Healing Warriors organization. Their mission is to advance individual wellbeing for Veterans and their families through complementary care services and education. Her father was a wounded WWII Veteran and a recipient of a Purple Heart and it is with great honor that she offers her gift of healing touch to the Healing Warriors Program.